- Our Mission -

To give shape to your ideas.


These words immortalise Akaar as a whole. A company based in the silicon valley of the East, Akaar provides custom manufacturing services. What we bring to the table is best in field technology, professionalism, expertise and the promise of satisfaction. With services such as Laser Cutting, 3D printing, CNC Machining etcetera mastered, we are at the helm of what we do. With a simplified manufacturing portfolio, easy to use UI we appeal to both novice and professional. Also with our solutions engineer with you every step of the way, we’re confident that your products will be the best version they can be. With innovative digital manufacturing processes we ensure reduced human interference and precision for all your products.


Each day our customers find simple and easily applicable approaches to stubborn design, manufacturing issues. With each customer Akaar is shaping our world by giving shape to your ideas.We as a species have always tried to separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom and how does one make that separation? THE WILL TO CREATE. Every animal yearns for survival, they love but only Homo sapiens has a will to create, we create and thats what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. At Akaar we’re bridging the gap between the creation of ideas and the end final prototype. Every need is different. Every Industry is different and we at Akaar cater to all. Whether your next challenge calls for a 3D prototype or a customised product or part, Akaar is upto the challenge and is always at the helm of affairs.

- Our Team -

Arun Kumar E

“ I joined Akaar because we have the will and the freedom to experiment and grow. It provides a fresh new perspective to the world as such. ”

Shantanu Nagar

“ At Akaar, I am able to learn and grow. Akaar provides an innovative, flexible, friendly work atmosphere which is motivating and invigorating all the same. ”

Mahesh Hegde

“ I work at and love Akaar, because of the revolutionary fusion between mechanical engineering and E-commerce. We strive to grow and conquer and we shall. ”

Alok Naik

“ Akaar is a place where you can learn, multitask. It has a very infectious energy about it and I love it here. ”

- Directors -

Nikhil Bhansali
Suresh Kumar

Directors speak

Why did we start Akaar?

Three words. Survival- Love - Create. From my college days we were aware of the underlying truth that Human beings are different from the animal kingdom due to our will to create. All animals yearn to survive and they all love but only Homo sapiens has the will to create, so we wanted a platform that would bridge the gap between the creation of ideas and the final prototype. Ergo our motto “We give shape to your ideas”. Like how we see Google plays into the curiosity of the mind,Facebook the need to connect, Akaar plays into the will to create.

Where do we see Akaar in 5 years?

In multiple countries, keeping our ethos and vision the same.

What are our thoughts about Akaar?

We love walking into the office and seeing a commissioned piece or component and we muse “We can’t believe we created that”, It's that emotion that takes me through all the good days and the bad ones. Also just seeing the customer happy and satisfied when the product is delivered to them makes all the struggles worth it.

How is the corporate culture at Akaar?

Well we follow a new age corporate mantra, wherein there isn’t any of that corporate hierarchies and closed off people. The energy here is very fluidic and its more or less a horizontal power flow, everyone knows what needs to be down and they get it done.


AKAAR is located in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore, India
FFD7B, 4th floor, Sampurna Chambers, Opp to Vijaya Bank, Vasavi Temple road, VV Puram, Bangalore - 560004