CNC Punching

Get customised factory grade machine punching with precision and accuracy delivery to you.

How will it be cut?

CNC punching is a sheet metal manufacturing process that is carried out by CNC punch presses. The CNC punching machine is basically programmed to move a sheet of metal in an x and y direction so as to accurately position the sheet under the machine’s punching ram ready to punch a hole or form as per given requirements.

Where can you use it?

CNC punching is mainly used on sheet metals to provide with punch holes for certain industrial requirements. They are also used to form holes on machined products. Furthermore, punching can be done for specific requirements to suit your needs.

Which file formats do you accept?

We accept files in STEP and IGES formats. Also please share a 2D PDF drafting as well to ensure proper scale.

What are the available materials for punching?

Punching is possible for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and other sheet metal materials.

Why should you go for it?

Traditional punching methods are hard and cumbersome. With the CNC punching process, adding holes and forms on sheet metals is much faster and the positioning of the holes if far more accurate as the machine uses dual axis to position and form holes.

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