Customised Fabrication Services

For Marketing, Billing, In-Store Self Service and Other Methods of Branding, Customised Fabrication with Akaar.

How It Works?

Work on a Concept

With our experienced In house Design team, we will be able to recommend concepts and work with your ideas to come up with something unique.

We will Manufacture it

Akaar specialises in customised manufacturing services - using which we will make a beautiful and accurate.

Deliver and Install it

Akaar will take care of delivery and installation of any fabrication we carry out. So you are assured a hassle free experience.

How can you Use Akaar?

Metal Touch Kiosks

Provide Information, or Market your Brand. By positioning kiosks around various locations. Get Customised Metal Kiosks, Manufactured and Delivered to you.

Pop Up Stores

Pop Up Stores in malls, garner attention to customers walking by. Work on incredibly stunning designs with our in-house team, and you'll wow your potential customers with your creativity.

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