Give Shape to Your Ideas with Precision Laser Cutting

Laser Cut your ideas in multiple materials like Acrylic, Steel, MDF, etc. All you need is a line drawing in DWG, DXF or SVG format.

Home Decor · Facades
Starting From ₹ 1475 per sqft
 19 reviews
Name boards · Laser Cutting
Name boards


 22 reviews
Letters · Laser Cutting


 19 reviews
Signages · Laser Cutting


 20 reviews
Wind Veils · Laser Cutting
Wind Veils


 21 reviews
Partitions · Laser Cutting


 22 reviews
Home Decor · Wind Veils
Rectangular Wind Veils
Starting From ₹ 1250 per sign
 32 reviews
Home Decor · Wind Veils
Pattern Designed Wind Veils
Starting From ₹ 1250 per sign
 36 reviews
Home Decor · Wind Veils
Feather Wall Wind Veils
Starting From ₹ 1250 per sign
 32 reviews

Why Akaar?

Various Materials To Choose From

Akaar has laser cutting support for various materials like Wood, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and different plastics.

Design Support

If you have a design, share it with us, if not, our in house design team will work with you to translate your ideas into workable designs.

Delivery Across India

Akaar provides delivery across India. We have delivered parts from Ahmadabad to Kolkata. From Chennai to Delhi. You'll have to only focus on your idea, and we will take care of the rest.

Where Can You Use Laser Cutting?


Laser Cutting allows you to cut letters as per your brand. Provide clear identification of you business. Get signages laser cut with Akaar.

Industrial Components

Laser Cutting is a flexible, advanced manufacturing process. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled, and the best part, you can focus on your designs, and Akaar will take care of the rest.

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