Architectural wall panels to enhance design appeal and flexibility for tailor-made custom designs. Offering an extended colour range and a variety of finishes and shapes to choose from.

Why Akaar?

Various Materials To Choose From

Akaar has custom made panels using high precision Laser Cutting, CNC machines and support for various options such as Wood, Wood mosaics, Metal Sheet, Synthetic Panels, Synthetic meshes, Surface finishing etc.

Design Support

If you have a design, share it with us, if not, our in-house design team will work with you to translate your ideas into workable designs.

Delivery Across India

Akaar provides delivery across India. We have delivered parts from Ahmadabad to Kolkata. From Chennai to Delhi. You'll have to only focus on your idea and we will take care of the rest.

Where can you use Panels?


Optimized for use as elevator panels, soffits, entryways, lobbies, common areas, jet ways and more. Add graphics for long-lasting branding and recognition in the way you wish!


Suited for all construction types: commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, municipal, multi-family, healthcare and institutional. Extensive Design Offering with an in-house CNC router available to shape panels to specific specifications.

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