Add a Creative Flare in all Structures

Unique partitions in your house, office or lobby. We use top grade materials and Laser Cutting accuracy. Wow your guests with Partitions from Akaar.

How does it work?

Choose a Design and Material

We'll Share 100s of designs with you, choose a design you like, and finalize on dimensions. We work with MDF, WPC, PVC, Shera board etc.

We will Manufacture it

Akaar has Laser Cutting Manufacturing Partners with 0.1mm Accuracy, so rest assured, you'll love the parts you get.

And Deliver it to You

We provide delivery across India, so without any worries, you'll have a hassle-free experience.

Where can you use Partitions?


Use it to divide your Living room and Dining room. Further, in offices, instead of using boring glass dividers. Customised Partitions can be a breath of fresh air.


Use it as a partition, privacy screen or to give a distinct effect to your lobby area. Partitions will give a creative flare while maintaining security in your space as well.

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