Industrial Signs

Draw attention to the important informational signs and precautions your industry needs with Industrial Signs and signages.

What Signs do you make?

We make all kinds of signs including but not limited to

Entry Signs, Exit Signs, Danger Signs, Informational Signs, Caution signs, Safety Signs.

Where are Industrial signs suitable for?

Industrial signs are very important in industries as they are part of the regulatory an industry must maintain to provide safety. Hence, industrial signs can be used to alert and cation workers and others by providing important information.  

What about design?

At Akaar we have 100s of designs readily available. We also have in house designers, who can help bring any creative design you have in mind to reality. Get in touch with us and we will connect you to a designer immediately.

Why should you go for it?

Finding the right design and the right pricing for sign boards and signs is hard to find and very few forums provide you with the option of customisability. Signs designed and made with Akaar will be completely customised and made to fit your requirements. Also when ordering for bulk, we will provide you with the best pricing and also deliver it to you.

When will we deliver?

We typically deliver in 7-10 business days after the design is confirmed. The installation will take an additional 5-7 business days.

How to Install?

If you already have civil contractors, they can take care of installation. If not, Akaar provides installation services at chargeable basis. The installation will take 5-7 working days after delivery, and you'll have to provide dimensions and photos of your home or office before hand.

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